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Concierge Services in Mykonos island since 2000


Discover our extensive list of services, which includes a great selection of elegant private luxury villas available for rent in both Mykonos and Athens. Choose from intimate, sophisticated havens to exorbitant 20-bedroom villas, all with breathtaking Aegean views, private pools, and luxurious amenities. We can also arrange sophisticated accommodations in any of the island’s grandest hotels and resorts.

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The Crème de La Crème of modern sailing!

Embark on a journey to explore the eternal blue of the Aegean while indulging in every onboard luxury you can imagine. Our fleet of 100 leading yachts, along with an expansive selection of luxury motorboats and yachts, and their highly trained crews, are ready to carry you across the waves to every corner of the Mediterranean. Discover the hidden surprises the Aegean Sea has reserved just for you, together with the transcending, exclusive services of Concierge Unique


Experience luxury travel like never before with our selection of private jets and helicopters from some of the world’s leading private aviation providers and largest airlines. Leave all the details to our expert hands and enjoy a comfortable, stylish, and discreet journey with no departure or arrival delays. Simply select the aircraft type that suits your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Experience the ultimate in luxury transportation with our chauffeured vehicles, available 24/7 to drive you around Mykonos in the safest and most elegant way possible. Our dedicated chauffeurs are highly trained, discreet, and have impeccable driving records. They also sign a Confidential Non-disclosure Agreement for every one of their clients, ensuring your privacy and security.


Experience the ultimate in personal security with our hand-picked team of bodyguards, trained in martial arts and personal security, who will become your vigilant shadow throughout your stay in Mykonos or Athens. Your safety is our top priority, and we provide certified armored vehicles for secure VIP transportation for you and your family, ensuring absolute safety anytime, anywhere.

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Host an unforgettable event with our impressive experience in high-profile event organizing and extensive lineup of associates. Our team of inspired and highly effective wedding planners will handle every detail of your strikingly romantic destination wedding according to your personal vision, with uncompromising elegance and the professional diligence that Concierge Unique is known for.

Discover the Epitome of Luxury, Elegance, and Boho-Chic Dining in Mykonos

Mykonos Island boasts some of the most luxurious beach restaurants in Greece, offering a perfect blend of exquisite cuisine, stunning sea views, and upscale amenities. Whether you’re looking for a chic beach club or a romantic seaside restaurant, these top-rated beach restaurants in Mykonos are sure to impress.


Commitment to quality and services

Commitment to quality and services that cannot be compared, by a company that provides not only what is expected of them
but also the unexpected and exceptional.
I always knew about the great Greek hospitality and now I found out which concierge company is her greatest ambassador. Concierge Unique was our host and I have to admit my vacations were so well organized, relaxed and stress-free.
No task or request seemed to be out of their capabilities and was always delivered on time.

Great job Concierge Unique.
Till we meet again
Ali A. AlTurki – Saudi Arabia

Dear Tolis, we have had a wonderful time

Dear Tolis, we have had a wonderful time in Mykonos with your excellent service & attention to us has been just classy.
Thank you for your efficiency and friendship.

Sir Philip Green LONDON , UK

Tolis is absolutely the best at organising!!

Tolis is absolutely the best at organising !! I highly recommend him –

Lady Tina Green Uk London

Tolis Voutsas is a great fixer

Tolis Voutsas is a great fixer, nothing is too much to ask.

Brett Alexander Palos London,UK

Tolis, mykonos is not the same without You

Tolis, mykonos is not the same without You.
We will vote for u for mayor.
Thank for all as always.

Daniel Pittack Uk London

Congratulations Concierge Unique

Congratulations Concierge Unique for making our trip to Mykonos island a wonderful and unforgettable memory.
Many years ago me and my family, trusted for the first time your services in planning all our bookings and events while in Mykonos & Athens and it was the perfect decision. In addition, every friend i ever suggested you guys, got the best comments for your services and thanks for making this introduction. Concierge Unique employees are their biggest assets and their services has set the standards for others to follow in Greece.

Well done. Keep up the excellent work.
Paul Ekon – London,UK

Tolis & Concierge Unique provided the most comprehensive

Tolis & Concierge Unique provided the most comprehensive and ultimate experience in Mykonos last August.
Our trip would have been nothing near satisfactory had we not
utilized Concierge Unique’s services.
From doctors to double magnums, Tolis facilitated everything
we needed and wanted in Mykonos.
– J. Blackman – United States of America

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